43. Johns Island (offshore)

Location: Offshore of East Pubnico
Shoreline: beach/ rocky, depending at what location you land on the island.
Type of access: by boat only
Parking: at Woods Harbour Wharf (Falls Point).
Johns Island is easily accessed  from here, taking into consideration the 3 or 4 knot tide in the Cockerwit Passage.
Topographic reference: 20p/12 (Pubnico)
Marine chart # 4210 ( Cape Sable- Pubnico Harbour)
UTM grid:
Name of owner: Murray/Therese Furrier, California, U.S.A.
Private exit: yes (South West Paddlers Association has been given permission to use this   island for tenting during paddling trips. Paddlers are urged to promote no trace camping on these islands!
Private access: yes