76. Commissary Lane

Location: Victoria Street, behind Home Hardware
Shoreline: gravel
Type of access: gravel road
Parking: yes
 Gravel launch
Topographic reference: 20p/14 (Shelburne)
Marine chart # 4241 (Lockeport-Cape Sable)
UTM grid:  E0312661  N4848281
Latitude: N 43° 45.939’  / Longitude:W 65° 19.601′

Public access

This access is nearly at the head of the Shelburne Harbour which is a distance of approximately 7 km long.

The Shelburne Harbour in itself makes a good days paddle exploring along the coastline. Many  accesses to the coast in the Town  of Shelburne makes for a good paddling destination.

There are also many cottages and Bed and Breakfasts within Shelburne Harbour that can be easily paddled to for overnight lodging.

Some popular Birdwatching places in Shelburne County are Matthew’s Lake, Hemeon’s Head,  Lockeport, McNutt’s Island, Blanche, Baccaro and Crow Neck Beach, Daniel’s Head, The Hawk, and The Cape.