88. Crescent Beach Centre

Location: Crescent Beach Centre-Lockeport
Shoreline: sand beach
Type of access: paved main road into Town of Lockeport
Parking: parking at beach centre, ask permission before leaving vehicles for extended length of time.
Topographic reference :20p/11 (Lockeport)
Marine chart #: 4209 (Lockeport and Shelburne Harbour)
UTM grid: E0328857  N4839962
Latitude: 43° 41.694′ N /Longitude: 65° 07.394′ W

Public access
For information regarding Lockeport visit: www.lockeport.ns.ca   www.harmonybazzar.com  TheTown of Lockeport has several easily reached accesses to the coast. Paddling within the confines of Back Harbour and Lockeport Harbour and around Carters lighthouse adds delight and adventure to the day.

Take time out from paddling to walk the Lockeport Loop for more information: www.lockeportloop.com   and be sure to take your binnoculars to take advantage of birding along the trail and coast.