17. Tusket Islands (offshore)

The Tusket Islands amid all of their rugged beauty and mystery require a deep respect from the paddler, winds, fog, tidal range of 12-14 feet, and currents all make the Tusket Islands a  challenge. It is recommended that only experienced paddlers attempt paddling here or novice paddlers be sure to have a guide with you.Many of these inner islands are busy with fishing boats or pleasure boats, many people own houses on these islands that are used during lobster season. Many of the owners and their families enjoy the houses for summer living.

Caution: Schooner Passage, Hell’s Gate, and the outer Tusket Islands

Location: Deep Cove, Turpentine, Peases, Ellenwood, Candlebox, Murder Islands accessible from Little River Harbour, Comeaus Hill, or Wedgeport
Shoreline: variable
Type of access: by boat only
Topographic reference: 20-0/9 (Comeaus Hill)
Marine chart # 4244 (Wedgeport and vicinity)
UTM grid: varies
Latitude and Longitude varies
Name of owner: these listed islands are owned in whole or in part by Patrick LeBlanc, Wedgeport

Patrick has been so kind as to give permission for paddlers to tent overnight on any of the above listed islands. Most of these islands have sheep on them, and when in conversation about these islands in April he reported some sheep on Peases Island had been killed by coyotes.

Life on the Tusket Islands is written by Caroline B. Norwood, stories and photos showing life on the Tusket Islands then and now.

Location: Owls Head Island
Shoreline: rocky
Topographic reference: 20-0/9 (Comeaus Hill)
Marine chart # 4244 (Wedgeport and vicinity)
UTM grid: (37) (38)
Name of owner: Irwin Kapland, San Francisco, USA
Private exit: yes
Private access: yes

Owls Head Island is privately owned, members of Southwest Paddlers Association have an understanding with the owner that club members and friends may camp overnight here in  exchange of stewardship of the island. If your paddling trip includes staying overnight on Owls Head please contact Pat Hudson at (902)637-2940 or email: kayaker@ns.sympatico.ca Many of our islands have a story to tell, Owl’s Head is a fine example, the story goes that   during the 1930s when the tuna sport fishing was big in Wedgeport a man from the United States arrived and talked some of the local businessmen into buying shares into what would be  an exclusive lodge.  The would be owner lacking funds and connections that he led shareholders to believe he had, had to abandon the island. Consequently the lodge built of stone was never completed and now has fallen into ruins.