65. Cape Negro Island (offshore)

Location: Cape Negro Island can be easily accessed from Ingomar &  North West Harbour.
Shoreline: sand beach and beach stone
Type of access: by boat only
Topographic reference: 20p/11 (Lockeport)
Marine chart # 4241 (Lockeport-Cape Sable)
UTM grid:  E0308842  N4820742
Latitude /Longitude:
Public access

A trip to Cape Negro Island makes for another adventuresome paddle, like most of our islands they were once inhabited ,people lived ,worked and went to school here. Now the northern end of the island has only remains of a homestead taken over by sheep for their shelter and a cemetery. When planning a trip to Cape Negro Island  it is advised to land in the east cove, pull your kayak well up on the beach rock covered tombolo. While visiting this island hike to the southern end to the lighthouse, also down this end of the island are some camps, you may find the owners here that can “spin you many a fine yarn”(stories) Sheep may follow along with you as you walk, curious but wary. Do not attempt to paddle around the southern tip of the island unless it is an unusual calm day, a southwesterly or southeasterly blowing when rounding any of  these islands can turn an enjoyable paddle into danger!

A trip to Cape Negro Island can be a full day trip or makes an excellent overnight trip, plan ahead and be weather wise!