Sea Kayaking

Southwest Nova Scotia is a spectacular setting for the sport of sea kayaking. Its coast is highly varied from open sea exposure to deep protected bays and coves. In many areas isolated islands dot the coast. The coast is accessible with many public wharves and harbours available during paddling season. Supplies are readily available and finding places to camp is seldom a problem for those following low impact practices. Local people are friendly and fishermen can be relied upon to provide good information.

Be aware that this a quickly changing Maritime environment. Tides and currents can be tricky or dangerous in some areas. Fog is a frequent summer time visitor. Wind, storms and waves can kick up suddenly. Know your skill level, use appropriate equipment, have recent charts and maps, and be practiced in your safety and navigation skills.

For information about specific sites (over 90 in the region) either click on the “Sea kayking trail” for a map where you can clip on specific sites to get more information, or place your mouse over any list of sites to see the launch sites within that list.

Our site provides information on places where permission has been granted for launching. However, if you see an attractive site not listed as public access local property owners are usually glad to give permission for access and maybe some advice.