03. Pembroke

Location: Pembroke Beach and Wharf
Shoreline: sand beach
Type of access: paved and gravel
Parking: limited space
Government wharf : yes
Public slipway : no
Public concrete ramp: gravel access
Topographic reference : 20-0/16 (Yarmouth)
Marine chart # 4243 (Tusket -Cape Saint Marys)
UTM grid:  28/60
Latitude: N 43° 51.641’ /Longitude: W 66° 09.023′
Public Access

Pembroke Beach is a public beach, sand dunes and small roads leading down to the beach, therefore  making limited parking. Helen Lucy Road is the turn off for the beach. Pembroke dyke and wharf are nearby and you may find parking here by pulling off the road.  This is a very picturesque spot, a collection of sea shanties dot the shore road reminding us of a former thriving fishing community.