Minutes of Meetings

This section of our site was started in January of 2019. Previous minutes are on record with the Secretary. The Minutes shown here are in unapproved form so see subsequent minutes for official changes.

Southwest Paddlers Executive Meeting February 16, 2021

Present: Sandra Phinney, Dan Earle, Ken Pothier, Verna Wirth, Kerri, Vernan Doucette, Sue Hutchins, Barrie MacGregor

  1. Financial Report: Dan gave the financial report. The current balance is $1,265.60. There have been $830 of revenue and $725.10 expenses for the fiscal year to date Revenue from the InReach is behind by $250, understandable because of the pandemic. 
  2. AGM: The AGM is scheduled for March 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 by zoom. Program will be delivered by Tom Blandford. (Making a skin-on-frame kayak).
  3. Website Update: It was agreed to have a Classified section added to the website. 
  4. Membership: It was agreed to keep the fee at $15 and members should be told the fee is now due. Sandra agreed to make a list of the benefits of belonging to Southwest Paddlers. 
  5. YMCA Pool: Current information indicated that the pool may re-open in September. Barrie agreed to get up to date info. Ken to look into the possibility of having a spring training session at the pool at University Saint Anne. Could also be a summer session in Comeau’s Hill and another in the YMCA pool when it opens in the fall.  
  6. As follow up to item 5, availability of a pool, we received confirmation after the meeting that the Universite Sainte Anne pool is not available for private use for the time being. It was suggested that we check back in April or May as the policy may change.
  7. Draw at AGM: Sandra recommended that a draw be held in conjunction with the AGM. She will make arrangements for a suitable prize or prizes. 
  8. On Line Education: Verna agreed to prepare a training session on using the Garmin InReach for the April members meeting. 
  9. Blockade Report: The court case for the criminal charge is scheduled for Digby on March 15th, 2021. No news yet on the civil case. Postcards directed to Minister Mombourquette are being distributed and mailed to his office. They are now available in English and French and will soon be available in Mi’kmaq. 
  10. Facebook Page: The facebook page is being used some by non members. Dan keeps an eye on it to weed out inappropriate material.
  11. By-Laws and Insurance: There were some questions about the association’s by-laws and if there is a need for the association to carry insurance. Barrie agreed to look into those two matters. 
  12. Federal Grant: Sandra reported that there was a federal grant available to help support species at risk. She agreed to explore this further in an effort to assist Shanni Bee in her work. 
  13. Adjourn: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. 

Next Meeting. AGM March 2nd, 2021

Exec. meeting April 15, 2019

Present: Sandra Phinney, Sue Hutchins, Dan Earle and Barrie MacGregor

Regrets: Elaine Howatt

  1. Market Promotion April 20th

Sandra and Sue will organize a video presentation.

Dan will prepare membership forms and will have the promotional cards and a poster available.

Will need some $5 bills for change for membership being paid by $20’s.

Bring power cord.

2.Museum Event May 7th

The following will be doing presentations and/or have promotional material available:

Hantford Lewis, Hinterland Adventures & Gear

Becky Cottreau, Song of the Paddle

Matt Dulong, Candlebox Kayaking

Nancy Lacusta, East Coast Paddle Company

Nicola Roberts-Fenton, Adler Wilderness Adventures

Elaine Howatt – Shelburne Kayak Festival

Bay of Fundy Seakayking Symposium + Committed to the Core

Jonathan Joseph will be invited to speak at this as well as he’s the host location for the BOF Symposium.

  1. Garmin InReach Unit

It was moved by Dan, seconded by Barrie and carried that the Garmin Unit be purchased. It was generally agreed to charge users $20 each per trip. Dan will keep track of what revenue comes in this way. (Note:  Recreation dept of Yarmouth Town & Mun. Providing $200 towards purchase; Mun. of Argyle grant application made. Will Poole and Sandra have agreed to canvass paddlers who would benefit from this for some start-up funds.)

      3. Programming will resume in October for dinner meetings which will be held first Tuesday of the month at 6 pm at Ye Old Argyler. Ideas for programming were mentioned + members will be invited to send suggestions.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Annual General Meeting, March 5, 2019

Tusket Falls Brewing Company

Present: Anna Mallin, Sue Hutchins, Karlyn d’Entremont, Pat Ormston, Nicola Roberts-Fenton, Anson d’Entremont, Dan Earle, Karen Cottreau, Roger Newell, Nancy Lakusta, Ginny Smith, Andy Smith, Elaine Howatt, Marcie Wallace, LeeKeating, Sue Johnson, Eko  Raharjo, Ayu  Raharjo, Sandra Phinney, Barrie MacGregor and Will Poole. 

Sandra Phinney, President, chaired the meeting. 

  1. Review Agenda: Elaine Howatt asked for a time to update members on the Shelburne Kayak Festival. Agreed.
  1. Minutes of the last AGM: It was moved by Ginny Smith, seconded by Sue Hutchins and carried that the minutes of the last AGM be approved as distributed. 
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Dan Earle presented the financial report to members. 

Balance forward: $  890.54

INCOME from dues $  540.00

EXPENSES bank fees $15; Spot $100.00 $  115.00


It was moved by Dan Earle, seconded by Roger Newell and carried that the financial report be approved as presented. 

  1. Member Reports: Elaine Howatt gave a verbal report on the upcoming Shelburne Kayak Festival. Sue Johnson and Anson d’Entremont are new festival board members. The festival will feature Level 1 and basic training. It was suggested that recognition of Robbie Smith (Shelburne musician recently deceased) be made part of the festival. 
  1. Old Business: The first Tuesday of the month dinners will continue at 6 PM. Locations to be announced for each occasion. Dinners will run from November to April. April will feature a presentation by Will Poole on his adventures in the Tobeatic and restoration of one of the warden’s cabins. 

For the past couple of years Will Poole has made his Spot available to Southwest Paddler members with financial support from the Association. The unit is not longer reliable. The executive is currently looking into securing sponsorship and association support for the purchase of a Garmin In Reach as a replacement device. Several members have volunteered to help defray the costs.

Sandra reported that she would not be available to coordinate the customary August holiday week end paddle from Quinan to Canaan. Kalyn d’Entremont agreed to take on this role. 

  1. New Business: Individual grants of $75 have been approved by the executive for 4 members taking the wilderness first aid course this spring. 

Southwest Paddlers will have a table at the Yarmouth Market on April 20th. Volunteers from the membership will be recruited closer to the time. 9 AM until 1 PM is the time that has to be covered. The purpose is to showcase and promote paddling.

  1. Election of Officers: It was moved by Ginny Smith, seconded by Lee Keating and carried that the following serve as the officers of the association for the coming year. 

President: Sandra Phinney

Vice President: Sue Hutchins

Treasurer: Dan Earle

Secretary: Barrie MacGregor

Member at large: Elaine Howatt. 

Next General Meeting: October 1st, 2019 – location to be announced

Next dinner meeting: April 2nd, 2019-03-06

The meeting was adjourned and followed by a presentation by Anna Mallin on her kayaking adventure to Antarctica. 

Executive Meeting, January 21, 2019

Sip Cafe

Present: Sandra Phinney, Dan Earle, Sue Hutchins, Elaine Howatt and Barrie MacGregor

  1. Brief History: The history of the SW Paddlers was outlined by some of the long standing members. 
  2. Public Comments: It was agreed that any comments made on behalf of the association would require the consensus of the executive. 
  3. Informal Training: There was some discussion regarding the possibility of some informal training. Canoe – Marcel Comeau, Kayak – Anna Mallin. 
  4. Agenda for future meetings: It was generally agreed that future meetings (starting in March) would include a presentation on canoeing or kayaking after dinner. As well, locations may vary. e.g. such as Anchored  Grounds; Tusket Brewing Co. etc.
  5. Voyageur Canoe: Sandra reported that Canoe/Kayak NS had purchased a Voyageur canoe. A training session (and possibly a loan of the boat) could be set up in Southwest NS if there was enough interest. 
  6. Professional Services: It was agreed that for our last gathering in May we could invite professional trainers and/or providers of paddling programs/services  in the area. Matt Dulong, Becky Cottreau, Nancy Lacusta, Hantford Lewis. Also reps from Kayaking symposium and the Shelburne kayaking festival. 
  7. Next Dinner Meeting: Elaine agreed to look into Marco’s  as potential for the next dinner meeting in February. 
  8. Public Information: It was agreed that a display be prepared for the Market on a Saturday in April. 

Next gathering Feb 5th at 6:00 PM at location to be announced.