The Southwest Paddlers Association was organized to provide information about paddlling in southwest Nova Scotia and to help paddlers find one another for shared enjoyment of their sport.

We have two “official” and open meetings a year (Oct. and  April for annual and semi-annual meetings) to conduct the business of the organization, share reports and plan events.

Between meetings, members are frequently in contact by phone, e-mail, and on our Facebook page. As well we have monthly supper gatherings withs special programs, from October to April. Locations are posted here and on our Facebook page.


SWPA owns a Bothy Bag (quick set up for body shelter) and a Garmin inReach (satellite communicator) that can be borrowed by members. Following is the terms of use and recommended float plan for members wanting to take the unit on a trip.

TERMS OF USE for Garmin InReach

  1. The Garmin InReach is a tracking and emergency safety device owned by the SWPA. It is available for loan to SWPA members for use on trips.
  2. Each person taking a trip where Garmin InReach is used will be asked to donate $20 to the designated trip leader/organizer who will send the money to SWPA treasurer, Dan Earle, after the trip. The funds will be earmarked to support the annual service fee.
  3. The designated trip leader/organizer must email a FLOAT PLAN (page 2 of this document) with one of the SWPA contacts who are registered with the InReach satellite service: Dan Earle <danearle@eastlink.ca> 902 742-6382 or Barrie MacGregor barrie.macgregor@gmail.com 902 648-0462

(Please check with them well in advance of your trip to make sure they are available to track your trip. If not, other arrangements can be made.)

  1. The trip lead/organizer will be in charge of the unit and must schedule time to learn how to use it (or designate someone in his/her stead.) The following members can be contacted to provide a short training session prior to picking up the unit.
  1. Use of the InReach is intended to be a supplement to normal trip planning and on-water safety. Its use is voluntary on the part of the trip leader/organizer and SWPA has no responsibility for trip planning or conduct. Likewise, contacts in (3) above or others so designated have no trip planning or conduct responsibility. They are a conduit for land based reports as sent by the InReach unit.


Date put-in ______________             Place of entry   ___________________________

Date take-out_____________                        Place of exit      ___________________________

Number of canoes _____                    kayaks _____              SUPs _____

PARTICIPANTS and contact info.

Name of trip lead: ____________________________________________

Phone __________________ Email ______________________________

Emergency contact _____________________________________ Phone:

Name paddler #2 _____________________________________________

Emergency contact ______________________________________Phone:

Name paddler #3 _____________________________________________

Emergency contact ______________________________________Phone:

Name paddler #4 _____________________________________________

Emergency contact ______________________________________ Phone:

Name paddler #5 ______________________________________________

Emergency contact ______________________________________ Phone:

Name paddler #6 ______________________________________________

Emergency contact ______________________________________ Phone:

(Simply add more names and contact information if you have more than six on the trip.)

COMMUNICATION PLAN: e.g. intention to send an InReach Preset “all is well” message at day’s end; or when you plan to have InReach on, or advising of change of plans, e.g. “Staying an extra da.” or some such.