SWPA November get together

Paddle or sail in, or however, and join us.

SWPA monthly dinner meeting at Argyler Lodge 6 p.m. Tuesday Nov. 12th Note: 1) change of date for this month. 2) Our meetings are open. Bring guests! PROGRAM: Vernon Doucette will be giving a slide show/talk titled Modern paddling-ancient roots. He says, “My talk has two threads. One follows the history of recreational kayaking from its beginnings in mid-nineteenth century England while also looking at the subsequent moments of popularity in Germany between the wars, the UK in the late 1950’s and early 60’s and in North America subsequently. Parallel to that theme I’ll talk about how at certain moments in that evolution Native kayaks and techniques would significantly influence how the sport developed. I’ll also touch on aspects of Greenland kayaking, paddles and techniques and endeavor to answer any questions in that regard.” *** Let Sandra know if you plan to attend so she can make reservations. sandracphinney@gmail.com

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