Minutes Exec Meeting 10/29/19

South West Paddlers

Executive Meeting

October 29th, 2019

Sip Coffee Shop

Present: Sandra Phinney, Dan Earle, Sue Hutchins, Elaine Howatt, Karlyn d’Entremont, Vernon Doucette, Verna Wirth, Ken Pothier, Kerri Pothier and Barrie MacGregor

  1. Welcome to new directors: Karlyn d’Entremont, Kerrie Pothier, Vernon Doucette, Verna Wirth, Ken Pothier.
  1. Minutes of the last meeting: Barrie read the minutes from April 15, 2019. It was moved by Sue, seconded by Elaine and carried that the minutes be approved as read. 
  1. Treasurer’s report: Dan reported that the association has $1,200 in the bank $220 of which is allocated for ongoing charges for the InReach. 
  1. Call for new Membership: New members will be sought and current members will be asked to renew in Jan/Feb of 2020. 
  1. Garmin Finances: This was covered in the treasurer’s report. 
  1. Meeting programs

Nov: Vernon Doucette, History and making of Greenland kayaks

Dec: Nancy Lacusta: Tobeatic trip with Karlyn on SUP

Jan: Will Poole: PQ trip + tips for packing for kayak and canoe trips

Feb or March: Anna Mallin – Greenland or NL

Feb or March: Members send Sue 3 – 5 photographs of their favourite best/worst paddling moments and share stories

April: TBD

Suggestions for future programs: 

  • Mel Doucette: polling or Nahanni trip
  • Chris Bolger: review of Roy MacGregor’s “Canoe Country: the Making of Canada” 
  • Nicola Roberts-Fenton  … Adler Wilderness Experiences
  1. December General Meeting: It was agreed to schedule the December meeting (Dec. 3) for the Tuna Museum in Wedgeport pending availability. Verna and Ken to confirm. 
  1. Fund raising: Sandra agreed to contact RBC re their 3, 3, and 3 program where Paddlers and bank employees join forces in a 3 hour community project. Shoreline clean up was suggested. 

Vernon will head a committee to come up with a proposal re: shore line clean ups. Inland waterways will also be considered. He also suggested we look into what the Main Island Trail Association is doing, for ideas.

  1. Events SWPA can support: It was generally agreed that the Shelburne Kayak Festival could use some support. Pending funds SWPA will consider sponsorship possibly for youth. We will also encourage members to attend their next meeting Nov. 12th in Shelburne.
  1. Big Boat Experience: It was agreed that further exploration on the availability and conditions related to big boat use and training. Sue will get further information from her contact and Sandra will follow up with Canoe/Kayak NS. 
  1. Other: We’ll suggest to members that they come half hour early to mix “n” mingle at member meetings before settling down to dinner. Will also try and have program in a different part of location so folks can socialize.
  1. Next Executive Meeting: Tuesday January 21st, 2020 – 12 noon at SIP. 
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