Paddlers reach Boundary Rock

mp0348Boundary Rock is near (sort 0f) the intersection of the boundaries of three Nova Scotia municipalities – Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby – way off in the wilderness. At one time it was quite out in the open and frequently visited as you will see in an early photo. Today, as you will find from the report, it is a much more grown up and harder place to find. Thanks to Will Poole for the story of their adventure.

Boundary Rock Oct 13/12-Oct 16/12

Oct 13/12
Will Poole, Corey Ritchie, Matt Hemeon, Dan Peacock, Donovan Blauvelt

All met at Indian fields around 0600, drove to Silvery Lake, road is getting bad took about 2hrs to drive in. From silvery lake portaged to Roseway Lake, had brought canoe carts as portage trail (1000m?) trail into roseway lake is good. After this left carts to pick up on way back as unable to use on further portages. From Roseway Lake 2 portages (100m and 350m) to Grass Lake, 1 (400m) to Halfmoon Lake. 2 more portages (50m and 200m) after these found a old campsite along the river where set up camp for the night. Good weather most of the day.

Oct 14/12
Up early, last portage (150m (not on the tobeatic map) into Junction Lake, left canoes where current counties meet and walked 2 hours (just under 3km) to boundary rock. Had GPS coordinates from group that had rediscovered it 2 years before. Difficult walk with allot of hardhack, swamps, large rocks. Was a memorable moment when finally seeing the Rock appear though the trees after learning and researching the history behind it. Stayed about an hour or so, started a fire to warm up and had some lunch. Walked back to the canoes which seemed to be better walking. Canoed back to campsite by this time just getting dark. Weather colder, damp and drizzle most of the day.

Oct 15/12
Packed up camp and started return trip, paddled/portaged as far as Roseway Lake. Wind had picked up so decided to wait and see if winds would calm before going on the lake. Had lunch and nap as all were sore and tired from the hike the previous day. Winds not calming so decided to make camp for the night here, about an hour and a half before dark wind calmed a bit. Decided to paddle across from campsite on Roseway lake to try and find evidence of old saw mill. Couldn’t find were it was but did see old stumps that had been sawn, couldn’t even see where old road was suppose to be, returned to camp as getting dark. Weather windly, rain at times, mainly sunny with clouds.

Oct 16/12
Packed up camp, found canoe carts again. Paddled Roseway lake, portaged gear into mink lake, ran canoes down the river, hazardous tree across river that almost caused a problem, had to lift boats over this section then ran rest of the river into mink lake. Paddled to keatings campsite on mink lake, stayed their under an hour then paddled back to the 800m portage from mink lake to silvery lake, used canoe carts again on this portage. Returned to vehicles. Weather rain all day at times heavy rains.

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