SW Paddlers develops protected area list

As you may have heard, the province is attempting to protect 12% of all lands by 2015. Currently, they are looking for folks to participate in the “land review process.” You, or anyone you know, can do that by calling (902) 424-2117 or emailing protectedareas@gov.ns.ca and letting the government know you want to participate.

If you don’t want to be part of the land review process, but want to express an opinion, please do so. Simply send an email to that same address.

To know which parcels of land are up for protection, check out this map: www.gov.ns.ca/nse/12percent/maps.asp. As you’ll see, many of the suggested areas for protection are Irving owned, and properties that we hoped the government would buy back for Nova Scotians.

SW Paddlers has developed its list of preferences for protection by the Province as a part of its drive to place a least 12% of our lands in a highly protected status. This list is open to comment and additions by SW Paddlers post readers. Send additions or comments to Dan Earle, danearle@eastlink.ca

114 Sable River: Dunraven Bog
170 Great Pubnico Lake: numerous islands and west shoreline
173 Tusket River: Flat Falls, Gridiron Falls
235 Tusket River, Cold Stream: Third, Kegeshook, Canoe lakes
347 Roseway River, two pieces E and W branches 361 Shelburne River
378 (Upper) Silver River: Carrying Rd lakes to Long Tusket Lake
381 Carleton River: Sloans, Raynards lakes
418 Sable River: Dunraven Bog
421 Indian Fields Provincial Park Reserve + 422 East Branch Tusket River
424 Roseway River: Bluffhill, Moose, Skudiak lakes
425 West Branch Jordan River Longview L to Lake John, Eight Mile Brook
426 West River/Inness Brook; Tobeatic buffer
427 Kejimkujik buffer
428 Napier River block;Tobeatic buffer
429 West River/Inness Brook; Tobeatic buffer
430 Little Tupper, Tobeatic, Little Tobeatic, Roseway; Tobeatic buffer
431 “The Boot” Halfmoon, Junction, Great Pine, Siskech, Little Tupper lakes
432 upper Sissiboo River:Sixth Lake to Lake Joli (W Br Bear river)
434 Tobeatic buffer 435 Little Tupper, Sand Lake, Shelburne River
455 (Lower) Silver (Barrio) River: Barrio Falls to N Kemptville
478 Stave Lakes
numerous coastal islands & headlands


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