Women in paddling report

Just in! Report from Sandra Phinney on the women’s year in paddling.

What a great season we had this year! Likely the best paddling weather spring/summer/fall on record. Thanks everyone for making it all so much fun.

We’ll resume again the first week of May and I’ll be in touch early spring.

For sure the women paddlers on the list can block out the following extended trips:

1. Sporting Lake wilderness canoeing July 14-17
2. Brier Island kayaking August 12-15
3. Birchdale September 21-25

And I’m going to try and set up a 3/4 day trip to Sisketch Lake in the Tobeatic.

We’ll run a couple of informal safety courses here in Canaan during the season and line up several day trips. (For sure we’ll go back to Big Gull and Great Barren … likely for an overnight again for those who can stay over.)

Meanwhile, this is a bit off-topic but I started a blog at www.sandraphinney.com I will be doing some paddling blogs once in awhile. I posted the story about our first paddle in the rain and getting lost without a map. Sigh. Check it out and drop in once in awhile to see what I’m up to this winter.

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